Bee Hive Bonanza

by NetEnt
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Pros and cons
  • Scatter Pays increase winning chances
  • Wide betting range up to $200
  • Large 5x5 grid creates more opportunities
  • Multiple slot features for variety
  • 5 special symbols for dynamic play
  • No progressive jackpot available

Bee Hive Bonanza Slot Review

The Bee Hive Bonanza slot machine is a captivating offering developed by NetEnt, inviting players to a picturesque online casino landscape since September 2022. The game’s design brings forth an animated medieval bee kingdom set against the idyllic countryside, teeming with flora and buzzing with bee workers engaged in their daily duties. The game rules are artistically woven into this theme, imbuing Bee Hive Bonanza with an engaging narrative.

As the chief occupants of this kingdom, the bees fulfill different societal roles akin to a regal court, enhancing both the visual and gameplay aspects. The game’s animation stands out with fluid transitions and vivid depictions that strengthen the slot’s overall appeal. Accompanying these visuals, the sound effects and music incorporate a harmonic blend of medieval tunes and nature’s sounds, providing an auditory backdrop that is both charming and thematic.

For those who prefer to take the slot for a spin in demo mode before wagering real money, the Bee Hive Bonanza demo offers ample scope for practice play. It mirrors the experience of the full game, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the varied winning combinations and bonus rounds without touching their bankroll.

Comparable themed slots to Bee Hive Bonanza are Novomatic’s Bugs ‘n Bees, which features similarly endearing insect characters, and Gameplay Interactive’s Angry Bees, where these flying creatures take on a more combative role.

Bee Hive Bonanza’s cross-platform compatibility makes it a mobile-friendly title. The user experience is optimized for iOS and Android, ensuring that the Bee Hive Bonanza slot machine retains its charm and functionality across devices.

How to play Bee Hive Bonanza

Bee Hive Bonanza’s play structure breaks the mold with its innovative 5×5 Scatter Pays grid. This arrangement contributes a novel gameplay dynamic, where conventional paylines give way to clusters of symbols, thereby amplifying the ways to win. The format enriches the player experience, offering a fresh take on the cascading winning combinations often found in video slots.

The game interface marries Bee Hive Bonanza’s medieval bee theme with contemporary design. It’s user-friendly, flaunting controls that are easily understandable, and integrates harmoniously into the overall slot aesthetic. The primary controls facilitate gameplay with clear markings and convenient placement:

  • Coin Value: Adjusts the value of coins wagered, allowing for careful bankroll management.
  • Bet Size: Dictates the amount placed on each manual spin, visible below the grid.
  • Spin: Commands the reels to commence action, featuring prominently on the interface.
  • Auto-Play: Automates spins for a designated amount, offering uninterrupted gameplay.
  • Slot Information: Details payouts, symbol meanings, and bonus features, a must-visit for new players.
  • Mute: Controls the sound for players preferring a quieter gaming session.

Within the slot’s purview, a unique ‘Buy Feature’ makes an appearance. This button empowers players to purchase direct entry to the Bee Hive Bonanza’s bonus rounds, thereby bypassing base gameplay for a lump sum.

Bet values in Bee Hive Bonanza span from a modest $0.10 to a substantial $200 stake per spin, appealing to various playing styles and levels of risk appetite. The slot’s max win peaks at an exciting 5,000x the wager, accompanied by an RTP of 96.09% which is on par with industry standards. Players can also expect high volatility, suggesting the potential for substantial payouts interspersed with periods of lower wins.

Game Rules

Bee Hive Bonanza Symbols

The symbol variety in Bee Hive Bonanza echoes the slot’s enchanting bee-themed narrative, presenting an array of medieval-inspired icons. Each animates the reels with color and character, from shield-badged worker bees to regally adorned insect nobility, blending period elements with contemporary slot trends.

Symbol Payout Table:

SymbolSix on the ReelsTwenty-Two + on the Reels
Green Bees0.2x5x
Light Blue Bees0.2x5x
Dark Blue Bees0.3x6x
Grey Bees0.3x6x
Red Bee0.4x7x
Gold Bees0.4x8x
Rose Gold Bees0.4x8x

Special Symbols

Bee Hive Bonanza’s gameplay is considerably enlivened by an array of special symbols, each contributing to the strategic depth and potential payout value. These symbols are ingrained in the slot’s core mechanics and enhance user experience with their unique functionalities.

  • Money Bee Symbol: This symbol lands with multiplier values, potentially increasing the player’s winnings. Ranging from 1x to 10x, it represents literal ‘money bees,’ eagerly enhancing your earnings.
  • Beehive Symbol: It acts as a collector, aggregating the values of all Money Bee Symbols within view, leading to instant wins and contributing to your hive of wealth.
  • Multiplier Beehive Symbol: It doubles up the excitement by applying a 2x multiplier to all Money Bee Symbols’ values before collection, effectively bolstering your rewards.
  • Adder Beehive Symbol: By increasing the value of all Money Bee Symbols by the bet amount, this symbol offers another avenue to enrich your winning combinations.
  • Honey Pot Scatter Symbol: The key to unlocking the bonus rounds, this symbol initiates the Free Spins feature when three or more are landed, adding a sweet spot to the gaming adventure.

Bee Hive Bonanza Features

Bee Hive Bonanza buzzes with a suite of bonus features that provide players with a plethora of ways to boost their winnings and add extra layers of excitement to the gameplay.


Winning symbols disappear and new ones drop down to potentially create more winning combinations, continuing until no more wins occur.

Money Bee

Bee symbols with attached multipliers appear and, when combined with any Beehive symbol, contribute to accumulated wins. Multiplier Beehive and Adder Beehive symbols further enhance the collected values.

Money Bee Feature
Free Spins

Triggered by 3 or more Honey Pot scatters, awarding up to 20 free spins. Additional free spins and increasing multipliers are gained through collecting more scatters:

Scatters CollectedAdditional Free SpinsMultiplier
Buy Feature

Provides instant access to the Free Spins round for a set price, appealing to players eager to engage with the bonus content directly.

Buy Feature

Play Bee Hive Bonanza for real money

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